Terms of Use Forum

Terms of Use Forum

Terms and Conditions for the use-of-Forum

By accessing and browsing the forum, by individual users are free and subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.

Not are permissible comments:

  • not relevant to the subject of the post (for different topics to create a new post or use the related post);
  • background in advertising;
  • motivated por-no-graph or obscene;
  • with offensive language or containing foul language;
  • to with-you-tained raz-zi-is or sexist;
  • to harmful content of Italian Law (incitement to crime or violence, defamation, etc.).
  • I-nac-Ciosi or violent;
  • in any case the-sive of di-standing of third parties;copied and pasted from others in your comment (to respond to a comment, you must use the "Reply to comment").

Posts that do not meet the above-listed rules will be immediately removed. The user responsible will be deleted from the site.

Caffè fiore also reserves the right to take legal action against persons who have issued free of charge comments detrimental to the image and professionalism of the company.

Users who identify on a site any content which they consider illegal, inappropriate, offensive or vulgar are invited to promptly report to Caffè fiore, making a responsible use of the faculty of reporting, avoiding excesses or abuses.