Caffè fiore

Importing, roasting and selling coffee beans and ground coffee pods and capsules

The company was born in Naples, Italy in 1992, where he still resides.

Since 2011 is present on internet with online sales site Caffè fiore Store, the company was immediately highlighted as 1st a selling company by sales volume in its sector on the important channel of eBay (Italy) collecting in the first year of about 2000 100% positive  feedback .

Caffè fiore  has always based its principles on the quality of the product and the service offered to the customer. Caffè fiore mixtures are composed exclusively of fine coffees to ensure Top Quality in each selection offering a product with an unmistakable ensuring in every case the right balance of flavor and creaminess in the cup.

The experience of over 20 years of production are always looking for improvements, selection of quality, innovation in production techniques while respecting the tradition.

Caffè fiore is the Neapolitan espresso.


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